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Welcome to Limo Service Las Vegas for all of your ‘private party’ transportation service. We have a limousine service that will accommodate any size group, whether you’re looking for a pristine limousine for just the two of you or a huge party bus to load up all the friends to get you all to that well-awaited private party at the same time!

Private Parties can consist of several limousine excursions such as:

  • Sporting Events
  • Private Gambling Party
  • Private Business Meeting
  • Private Hotel Party
  • Pool Party
Whatever private party you are planning in our beautiful city of Las Vegas, let us be your luxurious transportation to and from all the private parties you plan on hitting.

We are one of the most trusted limousine rental and private car service in Las Vegas, NV. We offer the most reliable and luxurious ride to get all over Las Vegas in class and comfort.

Booking with us at Las Vegas Limousine Service is a convenient choice for all your transportation needs while in Vegas. It doesn’t matter whether you need a party bus to take all your guests to that lavish private party or an executive black limo for just you and that special person. Hiring our chauffeured limousine service enables you to avoid all of the hassles of parking and all those horrible directions. Our experienced and professional chauffeurs will pick you up early and drive you to the destination. By calling us, you will be driven safely to the private party as well as be driven home or back to your hotel.

Limo Service Las Vegas offers the best rides to meet all of your needs, budget and desires. Remember we have vehicles to accommodate any number of passengers in your group that may be attending the private party!

Make us your only choice for your pristine transportation for this private party. We will earn your trust and your business for years to come. This private party is one of those special and memorable nights, so let our staff of experienced customer service coordinators assist you through the entire planning. Choose your favorite limousine, give us your itinerary and we will definitely handle all the rest. We can make this private party at the beautiful Pahrump Winery if so desired. We can offer an extravagant beautifully decorated party bus for the entire guest list, this way you will all arrive at the party at the same time!

The whole idea of hiring us is have your very own personal chauffeur which allows you and your guests to thoroughly relax and enjoy each other’s company without the worries of traffic and the more serious subject of drinking and driving. Our chauffeur will offer all the amenities you desire, special beverages that you can drink and not worry about driving while intoxicated.

Our customers that choose our limo service in Las Vegas for their Private Party activities will receive:

  • Early arrival in the new limousine of your choice
  • An experienced, personable, accommodating, professional, polite and well-spoken chauffeur
  • Excellent communication with office & other chauffeurs for multi-car events
  • Excellent travel coordination
  • As many pick-up and drop-offs as needed

Confirmations of your reservation/itinerary in whatever form you desire

Let us assist you in celebrating that special private party with friends. Simply stated, our limos and party buses are the perfect private-party machines for adult and even for your child’s private party as well. It really doesn’t matter if this private party excursion is for a 10 year old or a 70 year old party, we offer the perfect limousine for your group to make this a night they won’t forget. Of course, all of our vehicles come fully loaded with amenities.

Let’s talk about a private party for children. If you’re not knowing what to do for your child’s private party, we can definitely be there for your child and make it the most memorable day for your child. We can come up with a few great ideas to hire us for your child’s private party while being driven by our experienced and professional chauffeurs.

Limo Service Las Vegas offers children private party limousine services that will give the child of any age a lot of great memories to have for life. The excitement of your child for his/her private party will be as memorable for you as they see the luxurious limousine pull up for them! We will cruise around the beautiful city letting your child and their friends get the best time in their own private party limo. We understand how important it is to keep your child safe and will have the ride tailored to your exact requirements which we will definitely follow.

There are so many ideas for a child’s private party adventure such as:

  • Vegas Scavenger Hunt
  • Trampoline and Bounce Adventures
  • Children’s Museums and Zoos/Aquariums
  • Fun Paintball Private Party
  • Tea Private Party and Dress-up
  • Amusement Adventures

With everything we offer to our valued customers for all private party types of events, we are the most affordable and most reliable Las Vegas limousine company!

Why not celebrate your private party and bring even more excitement with our Las Vegas private party’s limo & Party Bus adventures? Let us help you make the time of your life or how about giving your loved ones the time of their life inside one of our lavish limousines or our outrageous party bus.

Or how about this, you’ve reached a much older mature age and want to have an elegant private party with a few close friends! Well we are the perfect limousine service for you inside one of our pristine, top-notch limousines in Las Vegas. We will assist you in planning the perfect private party that is elegant, lavish and affordable with your close friends. Enjoy a private wine tour, dining out in one of your favorite restaurants, or end up in the best club you’ve been dreaming of going to for years now.

We will make your private party the most memorable and exciting night of your life. We also will keep you and all your guests safe at all times. You will definitely enjoy our private party’s limousine service all night long without any worries at all.

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