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Sports Event Limo Rental

Las Vegas Limo Service is definitely for all the sports enthusiasts out there! By booking with us, we will give you and your guests all the time you need to cheer your favorite sports team while being chauffeured to the next sporting event in one of our luxurious limousines.

It doesn’t matter if you have tickets to the most popular sporting event in Las Vegas or if you simply are going to a high school sporting event, we are here for you to chauffeur you and your guests in style and comfort. Maybe you’re all going to the NASCAR race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway or UFC night at the MGM Grand, whichever you do we will get you there safely and in one of our luxurious limousines.

  • You don’t have to worry about how many ‘special’ beverages you drink. This is one of those serious issues that people need to deal with when driving to any sporting event. The solution is calling us at Las Vegas Limousine Service to drive you to and from the sporting event as well as any after parties you are intending on going to. This takes away the worry of drinking and driving which is not a very wise decision to make. We want our clients safe, happy and exceedingly satisfied with our limo service in Las Vegas.
  • What about fighting the traffic while attending your well-awaited sporting event? That’s the last issue you want to deal with while trying to get into your sports event on time. With Las Vegas Limousine Service, you will be driven to the front gate and not have to worry about any traffic.
  • Let’s not even worry about the parking lines and the walking for a mile to the front gate and then trying to remember where you parked after the event is over. This can drive you crazy when waiting in the long lines to park. Then you have to put on your hiking shoes to walk all the way to the front entrance of the sports event! When the event is over and you’re walking out arguing over which aisle you actually parked your vehicle in, you would rather get in a limo instead.
So, having a chauffeur as your personal driver, letting you off at the front gate and picking you up at the front gate once the event is over, is by far the only way to go. Las Vegas Limousine Services will cater to your every need. In fact, by booking with us you are potentially saving yourself or your friend from drinking and driving after the sporting event and that is a serious problem. Let us handle all the driving for you and your guests.

Renting one of our luxurious limousines is not expensive as some might be under the impression that it is.

Back in the day, yes, renting a limousine was very expensive. However, nowadays, it is literally compared to taking a nasty taxi as far as the price goes. But now you have all the luxuries of a beautiful limo, all the amenities without the nasty, stinky smell of a taxi cab whose driver usually doesn’t even speak English.


We are your designated driver.

While inside one of our Las Vegas Limousines, either with our limos or party buses, you and your friends’ will have such a great time and without worrying about driving while drinking, or the traffic, or the parking spot or walking miles to the front gate. Rather than all that, why not travel in luxury and style, let your personal limo chauffeur take over all the issues of getting you exactly where you want to be in the time allotted. Another great aspect of hiring our chauffeur is you don’t have to argue over who is going to be the ‘designated driver’. Your personal driver will pick you up from any location in the Las Vegas communities and then chauffeur you and all your guests to the sporting venue in a timely manner so you won’t miss any of the action going on. Then after the sporting event, your personal chauffeur will be ready to drive you home, to your hotel or on to the party!

Doesn’t matter if you live here in ‘Sin City’ or if you are visiting, Limo Service Las Vegas has your covered. We are the most reliable, convenient and affordable limo company in all of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas as well.

We are the Las Vegas Luxury transportation king for sure and we aren’t just for the athletes, sport celebrities and the movie stars. We are here for you, our valued customers. It doesn’t matter if you're going to a home game, baseball, football, UFC, basketball or racing, you have definitely come to the perfect place for the most reliable and luxurious ride of your life!

Let us exceed all of your expectations in riding inside a pristine stylish limousine in Las Vegas. Let us partake in this memorable journey you will go on with us taking care of all your transportation needs. Let us be your best limousine company in all of Vegas!

We get a ton of our business from referrals, That’s due to our exceedingly great customer service as well as our professional chauffeur service that caters to your every whim. We offer all the amenities that you would want to entertain you and your guests inside our beautiful limousines.

Now, all you have to do is call us and let us be your preferred chauffeur limousine service in Las Vegas! We are excited to hear from you and book the exact limousine or party bus that you want for whatever occasion you are attending with your friends or family. We guarantee you will have beautiful memories for years to come with us.

We know there are a ton of limousine companies in the Las Vegas area, however, there is not a limousine company like us. We cater to our valued clients, you are not just a number that we have and put you in and out and take your money. We want to keep you as a client for years to come.

So, with all that stated above, let us prove to you that we will exceed your expectations when driving you to and from your well-awaited sporting event. We will earn your business for life.

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