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Prom And Homecomings Limo Rental

Our Prom and our high school Homecomings are some pretty big events in our young lives. That’s why you need to hire us at Las Vegas Limo Service! It’s in prom where we start feeling our transition from young teenagers to adults. It’s in prom where our eyes light up when we get the opportunity to dance with our crushes or our best friends. It’s the single most momentous event of one’s high school life and no other night exemplifies the true meaning of high school celebrations other than prom.
There is also homecoming and this is a memorable event for high school students and alumni. This is where high school students get to party, learn about the heritage of the school, and enjoy the company of their friends. One’s high school experience wouldn’t be complete if they haven’t attended any homecoming party. On the other hand, homecoming is also a very important moment for alumni as they can see and learn about the lives of the people they spent their early years with. This is when they see the little shy boy grow into a successful man or the bully turned into a respectable gentleman. Nothing else brings nostalgia better than homecoming. You may even see your high school sweetheart at the homecoming party and feel the chills again. Others even rekindle their love! Case in point, prom and homecoming are incredible milestones for everyone. It’d truly be best if you get to make the night as memorable as possible. This is where Limo Service Las Vegas comes in and makes the night ten times more amazing for you! We are here for the group of friends who want to arrive in school with a fancy limousine. We are here for the group of friends who want to make their prom or homecoming a night for the ages. Limo Service Las Vegas promises to make those nights more meaningful. What makes our Las Vegas limos stand out?  
  • Affordable rates
  • Offers variety of options
  • Superb customer service
  • Fast transaction
  • Flexible
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Great reputation

First and foremost, we want to talk to you about our rates.

Given that in this particular service, a bulk of our customers are students. It’d be a shame if we have exorbitant rates for people who don’t even have much money yet. Spending for a memorable night has never been easier with our Las Vegas limo rental! We take into consideration our demographic and that’s why you’ll be surprised and happy about how low and reasonable our rates are. Do you need to know how much you’ll be paying? Call our hotline or visit us and we can immediately provide you an accurate estimate of how much our service would cost. You can even just tell us your budget and we’ll take care of how to arrange the service for you. Here we focus to make your life a lot easier while providing great service. That’s why we want to do everything for you while you just pay and access our service. We also offer a wide variety of options.


We offer all sizes.

Are you a large group of friends needing a huge luxurious and glamorous ride to the prom? We can provide you a spacious limousine that will be loved by you and your friends. It’ll be so great that you’d never want to leave the limo! Are you just a small group wanting a ride? We also have smaller cars that can fit your requests. Don’t worry though because these limos will still have lots of room so you won’t have to worry. If you’re the type who just wants a ride for you and your date, well, you’re in luck! We have limos available for couples that want a simple night out with a not so simple ride going to the prom!


We are also extremely proud of our customer service and we’re sure you’ll love that about us.

We value your time and that’s why we’re never late for any appointment. Do you need us to be at your house by 6PM sharp? We’ll be there earlier! We’ll also be picking you up right on time to bring you home. You can contact our drivers through their cellphones. Quick and easy communication is key to this. If we’re late, you can have your money back. We believe this is only fair, as we want to make sure you don’t miss anything when you go to your memorable high school event! If you had any problems with your ride, you can call us or visit us and we’ll address it as soon as possible! We’d also love to hear your suggestions. Just so you know, the improvements we have made here in our company are because of our customers who have shared their sentiments to us. We listen to those suggestions and make our improvements based on those. Our drivers are also one of our most prized assets. Our customers have had no complaints over our drivers. They’re friendly, accommodating and some of them even make our customers laugh! They’re a product of our training and they also share the very same principles we have in our company.

Do you have any special requests for the service? We’re very flexible and we’re all ears for your needs! We guarantee customer satisfaction most of all. We are sure of the quality of our service and we want to give you the best kind we can provide. If you’re not satisfied, you’ll surely have your money back. We are a company that’s backed by great reviews from our customers. You can check our website for overwhelmingly positive testimonials and even visit us to know more about what our past customers have said about us.

Now you know everything about our prom and homecoming limo service. All we want is to make your prom more amazing than it already will be. Let us make the most out of that memorable night. We assure you that when you look back at prom and homecoming, you’ll have no regrets that you chose us to make your night even more special. We look forward to having you as our customer!

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