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Las Vegas Limo Service would like to congratulate you on your newborn! This is one of those life altering memorable moments and should be treated with the utmost respect and care. This is where we come into the picture and be your personal chauffeur. We take away all those worries on getting your newborn home safely such as the following…

  • Fighting the traffic – Why worry and even deal with the traffic when bringing your newborn home? Especially, when Mom and Dad are simply exhausted from the days preceding this day. Get all your belongings together, get your bundle of joy and walk out the front door to the awaiting chauffeur with the door open for you and your loved ones to get in and relax.
  • Focus on your newborn – Being chauffeured home with your newborn allows you and your loved ones to focus on each other instead of the road. No need to watch the traffic lights or worry about looking at your newborn while driving. Sit back, relax with your newborn and be driven home safely.
  • Take some great pictures – On the way home inside the luxurious and comfortable limousine, you can take those first pics of your newborn in a limo! They will love to see these as they get older. This way you can focus all your attention on getting that perfect shot of your newborn with your loved one.
  • Let’s talk about driving you to the hospital before your baby comes into the world – Yes, we are here for you before the baby comes also. Keep your bags packed, get all the things you will need for the hospital stay and let us know just a little bit ahead of time so that we will be there within minutes to get you to the hospital safely.

So, no need to worry about getting your newborn home safely, for we will handle that for you so you can sit back and be comfortable with your loved ones. You have a ton of other things on your mind at this time, so instead of driving, let us take that one issue away from you. Be comfortable and know that our expert chauffeurs will bring you and your bundle of joy home in a safe and relaxing trip.

Oh how exciting it is to become a new parent, whether this is your first baby or your fourth baby, it’s still very exciting for all involved. However, for the mom, it can be very amazing and beautiful, yet overwhelming and exhausting also. We’ve spoken to hundreds of new parents and what they say is that they are never more aware of dangerous drivers, those who brake too fast, and drivers who change lanes without signaling right in front of them, and it’s all during their drive home with their bundle of joy in the car. We will alleviate all of that stress and dangers by providing all concerned with a safe, quiet and relaxing ride to your home.

When going to the hospital, you will need a bag for mom, a bag for dad or significant other, and a bag for your precious newborn baby. So, on the way home, you’ll have all of the bags, plus additional necessities from the hospital and your brand new bundle of joy! Why not let us, Limo Service Las Vegas, assist you in getting all your belongings and safely place them in your private limousine, while you and your precious newborn get into the safety of the limousine and place your newborn in the car seat. We can put on some soothing music and find the perfect temperature, while you will want to check, double check, and triple check your precious little one and make sure he or she is safely secured for the relaxing ride home.


You can trust our professional limo services.

For we have decades of experience in driving new parents home with their newborn. Seriously, there really isn’t anything more important to us and to you, the parents than the well-being and safety of your child. Our top priority at Las Vegas Limousine Service while you and your family are in one of our vehicles is you. All you need to do is let us know before you need us and we will have a bottle of Mom’s favorite beverage, or a tiny snack, waiting for her in the limousine. Mom can relax with her bundle of joy, along with her loved one. Feeling safe and sound with her newborn right next to her in the car seat.


Why not make her feel so special by securing a private luxurious limousine for her to ride in on the way home?

One needs to remember, while the baby will need 24/7 care, Mom will need some extra attention and love in the weeks ahead. Sleep might just seem like something you don’t get enough of, however, she’ll always remember that you surprised her with a private and beautiful limousine to let her know just how much you love her.


We can transport quite a few people, if so desired.

Mom or Dad with you to help as soon as you get home. Or you have family members that would love to go home with all of you and help in any way they can too. However many people you want us to drive home with you, along with your precious cargo, we have a limousine perfect for this occasion. This way you all will arrive home safely and relaxed. Our professional chauffeur will also help you with all the bags that are brought home with you.

All you need to do is call us ahead of time, let us drive you to the hospital and let us take you home in a safe manner. We will be ready and waiting for that call when you need us there within minutes! We look forward to earning your business during this very special and memorable time.

Call us and let us answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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